Timeline Task
Summer Review program announcement  
Determine eligibility  
Develop an outline for proposed research  
Early September Meet mentor or adviser to discuss proposed research and review the outline  
Obtain electronic transcripts from every university or college  
Contact the reference writers to check if they'll be willing to write the letters  
Send the request emails to reference writers through the GRFP application portal  
Create the draft for proposed plan of research  
Late September Create an outline for personal statement  
Get feedback for research statement from mentor or adviser  
Create the draft for personal statement  
Get feedback for personal statement from peers  
Complete the personal information section in the GRFP application portal  
Early October Revise research and personal statement based on the feedback received  
Get the statements reviewed from a reader having exceptional communcation skills  
Prepare and send recommendation request letters to the finalized reference writers  
Verify that official transcripts have been uploaded or sent  
Mid / Late October Meet mentor or adviser to review all the components of the GRFP application  
Finalize all the statements  
Upload all the documents in the GRFP application portal  
Print and review the completed application before submission  
Submit the application  
Deadline Make sure NSF receieves the recommendation letters by the deadline  
Wait patiently and enjoy the fruit of your efforts upon selection!  

Note: Now that you have gone through the preparation and submission of the GRFP application, if relevant, it may be worthwhile to consider applying for other fellowship opportunities as well.