Fellowship Opportunities

A fellowship is an excellent opportunity to seek someone (usually some organization) to pay for some (or all) of your educational and/or living expenses while you devote time to further your educational career. On this website, we have gathered a list of prestigious fellowships and related resources. While a vast majority of these resources are for graduate students seeking to undertake graduate studies, few opportunities have also been identified for those seeking support for post-doctoral research. We invite you to review these opportunities carefully and find the ones most suitable and appealing to you. If you are a qualified candidate for any of these opportunities, we encourage you to apply to it for furthering your education.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program

National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Programme is one of the premier graduate fellowship programs in the United States. In support of its federal mandate to advance science and engineering in US, NSF created the GRFP with a goal of nurturing and growing a dynamic and diverse talent pool for the US engineering and scientific community.

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